Sunday, September 02, 2007

Another preview

Have not named it yet!
This preview shows most of the frames and the new cluster.

Remember if I use your suggested name you will receive the full kit free.
Happy Scrappin'


Jean said...

You know me, I am just horrible at naming kits but I love it!!!!

Amber H. said...

Autumn Blooms

Anonymous said...

This kit is getting outrageously gorgeous. A name suggestion "Autumn Sunset". mjc0641

momoid said...

Hi Gail, It's a gorgeous kit. My ideas for a name:

Chocolate Elegance
Variety Chocolates
Chocolate Truffles
Rich and Creamy Milk Chocolate

(do you sense a pattern here. Just looking at it makes me want some chocolate.) LOL


Terrell said...

Hmmmm... "Memories of Nana"? I know I say Nana, other people say Grandma ;) Very pretty!

Lisa said...

Vintage Summer