Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Look-LO and a Freebie!

I wanted to share another LO with you. This is a LO I did for
my Elements Challenge at DSC. The challenge was to show
different uses of ribbon in your LO. Mine was pretty simple
but does show some good use of ribbons.

Credits: Paper, frame, ribbons, tag, and heart all made by me for the
challenge LO. Flower doodle by Liz Thompson, the tied ribbon special
thanks to Stacy Carlson, Gotta Pixel for the commercial action.

Now for the good stuff. I thought I would share the paper
and stuff with you here. The flower doodles are not included.
Link to download And yes I do collect Raggedy Ann Dolls.


Glenda said...

Hi Gail. That LO is so cute. I just took some picture of my Mini Schauzner and have been looking for the perfect kit to use for her. I just love love this one of yours. But I want to be able to use the flower doodles also. Can you tell me where I can find them. This is one of the cutest kits I have found. You can e mail me at
Thank you so much.

Terrell said...

I love this kit! Thanks so much for sharing it. BIG HUGS! ;)

annie t said...

this is very cute. i bought another raggedy kit that's huge. don't know which is cuter.

Suzi said...

This is great! Thank you so much :)

Lourdes Manners said...

Oh wow this is beautiful. My mom worked in a factory sewing Raggedy Ann dolls way before I was born. She couldn't even afford to buy one for my older sisters back then. What great qp. TFS!!!!!!!!!

myscrapbook said...

lovely mini kit.tfs

Sara L said...

All this will be so cute with my own baby pictures that feature a raggedy ann and andy quite often :) Love it, love it!